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In our quest to share the Light of Reiki, we ask our students to give us feedback & testimonials so that you may have a deeper understanding of the benefits of Reiki and how our Reiki Courses can help you.

See What Our Students Say:

I have found a wonderful way to nurture and love myself as well as others. I feel I have learned and experienced so much during this course. I have been given a wonderful gift to navigate lifes ups and downs, especially after losing my husband recently.” Carol


“The Reiki Course was so comprehensive, interesting, easy to navigate and beautifully written. This course is worth every penny and is more in-depth than my Reiki 1 I did face to face with another master." Elizabeth


“The history has been amazing to learn, I love how reiki has added another level to my service to others, how it brings me closer to source. The audios are so good I loved these. Such an informative course. I am enlightened beyond my expectations. I am so grateful.” Alison


I absolutely loved this course much more than I thought I would.  It was so easy to follow and in-depth.  The audios are brilliant and so inspiring and nurturing, providing so much high quality training.  I even found the assessment enjoyable as it really helped consolidate and integrate the training. C. Ash


"I have learnt so much and your Reiki courses have really changed things for me. I really am so pleased I found your courses and I will definitely be recommending them to my friends. We could all do with learning these techniques - thank you.” Lee


"I am really enjoying reading the manuals and practising Reiki – I LOVE it, it has really helped me I feel in a much better place now, so many things seem to make sense. Unfortunately an aunt of mine passed away at the weekend so I have used self healing to help me at this difficult time, it really does work and help. Thank you so much for leading me in this direction and for all your help, I'm really grateful.” Kelly


"Thank you for this amazing course - I still can't believe that I found such a wonderful teacher. I feel blessed and I love the audios so much, they are so healing. Thank you for everything, you've been so kind and thoughtful." Laura


"I just wanted to message you to update you on what’s been happening since I finished the Master course. It’s been actually amazing. I am picking up so much in my energy field not just that but also in a psychic way too. The courses honestly unlocked even more of my abilities and they were absolutely amazing. All I can say is these courses are life changing and they have helped me find my higher being and spiritual home."Leah


“A lovely and interesting course – a very informative and clear guide to Reiki. I enjoyed the practical exercises the most with the Reiki self healing and meditation exercises. If I ever feel stressed/anxious or my mind is in overdrive I now turn to Reiki self healing and it always brings me back to a grounded state. Very enjoyable course!” Harriett


“I have really enjoyed learning all about Reiki on this Level 1 and 2 Diploma course. It is very in depth and insightful. It provides so much information. I have never done any previous reiki courses, and I feel this has provided me with all the information that I need on my reiki journey. I will be doing the Reiki Master course also. It comes with brilliant audios to listen too, which are really helpful to listen to. It has changed my life.” Name Witheld


“I really enjoyed this course, very informative and explains in detail. Can not wait to get out practicing on myself and others.” Leonie 


"All of the audio meditations have been amazing and I feel so connected to source and I can feel Reiki flow through me. I absolutely love the symbols and how to use them. I am so grateful to have such a great mentor I can really feel the energy and love for teaching coming through. Such an amazing, informative course!" Fiona


“Thank you for your Reiki course. I really enjoyed it. The course is interesting, well structured, clear and comprehensive. I am a SPA Therapist and it helps a lot in my job. I can revitalise and protect myself during my work. When I feel tired, or had heavy legs, I can feel how I became lighter and revitalise myself.” O. Smith


“I’ve enjoyed the Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Level 1 course so much. The course material is detailed, and caters to different learning styles with the accompanying audio files. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.” Sara


"Hilary has been my Reiki teacher and spiritual guide and healer for many years and I have learnt so much from her. She has helped me so much and through knowing all of this, I have been able to transform my life and my family's too. I know that my life would have been very different if I hadn't have gone along this path with Hilary and learning Reiki". Laura


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Here’s what our students enjoyed most about our Reiki courses ?

“I can’t say there was any one thing I enjoyed and was excited by all of it.” C Ash


“The Reiki self healing and meditation exercises, if I ever feel stressed/anxious or my mind is in overdrive I now turn to Reiki self healing and it always brings me back to a grounded state.” Harriett.


“I loved the course it has given me information, insight and ability to move forward.” Carol


“The history has been amazing to learn, I love how reiki has added another level to my service to others, how it brings me closer to source. The audios are so good I loved these. Such an informative course.” A. Graham


“My favourite technique was one of the original energy practices. It has helped me to relax and feel more grounded. It has benefitted me by helping me to switch off from distractions and focus on reiki energy. It has also enabled me to discover which chakras I need to focus more energy on. It has made me feel a lot less stressed in every day life and much better able to deal with situations that arise.” Bryony


"I have just started doing my Reiki Master level. I am so impressed with the level of information given. This course is informative and well detailed. I can’t thank u enough for how much confidence I am gaining through doing this course.” Rebecca"


“I've enjoyed the  audio meditations as they have helped me with my practice of quietening my mind, to aid my relaxing and I have had better sleep and much more energy. I also gained much more confidence for all the techniques in the course by using the audios.” D. Phillips


“I am so impressed by this course material. It is easy to follow and has so much content. I love the history and concise nature of all learning provided. I will certainly let others know about this course in the future. It kept me interested to the point that I just kept going with it with great enthusiasm. Well done, a fantastic course which will be highly recommended by me.” Hilary Ellis


“Thanks for providing this insightful and comprehensive course so well!” Jocelyn


"I just wanted to send you a message to say how much enjoyed your online Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master courses. I have had the best experience with your Reiki Courses and feel absolutely amazing. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone else who wants to study Reiki. Thank you so much for all the feedback and the amazing courses." Cathy


“An incredible, comprehensive, easy to follow course with lots of support. Everything is broken down into easy to deal with chunks, perfect for when you’re pushed for time. “Incredibly enjoyable and enlightening, the whole course gave me such a sense of well-being and finding my space in the world.” A million thank you’s and huge gratitude for this entire experience. The course has changed my entire perception of everything in a hugely enlightening way, and I’m so thankful for your kindness, help and positive support.” Samantha Jane


“I highly recommend this course, it is truly an enlightening experience”. K. Chisolm


“I love helping ours and this course helps me to add an additional dimension. Highly recommended.” L. Lawton


"Thank you for being part of my Reiki journey. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better course provider. Your courses really are outstanding and so enjoyable to learn, thank you." Rebecca


“The whole course was brilliant, I enjoyed learning all the different techniques and how to use them. I loved it all to be honest.” Sue

I love the course format and the way the materials are delivered to you. It makes it easy to start the course right away and get on with the learning process.” Becky

“I really enjoyed the all the courses and I’m so lucky that I found this course provider.” Teresa

“The whole course was very informative and full of detail. You can’t beat it. Wonderful course.” Libby

“The course was fantastic and very enjoyable. Very good course. Loved it.” Leanne


“The course content was very good, so much detail and very clear to understand.” John


“Absolutely fantastic course. So much content and lots of detail. I actually studied my reiki one a few years ago with a different provider. Once I have finished my reiki 2, I will be doing my reiki one again with this company as they are outstanding. You can’t beat the amount of detail provided and all the audios. Fantastic company. Fantastic course, It exceeded my expectations” Rebecca


“Wow what can is say, this course was very enjoyable and had so much information and content. The detail of the course was very good and there was so much to learn. I came across this course during a google search and I wanted to do it because it was accredited. All the information you gain is amazing and the way the course is formatted is easy to understand. It’s easy to download the files too and you can save them to any device.” Tessa


“Thank you for all that you have helped me with on my Reiki journey. The energy that I have got from your Reiki courses has been incredible. I love the audios and how it makes it so easy to feel all the wonderful energy. I am so happy that I found your Reiki courses.” Kylie


"I couldn't have asked for a better way to learn Reiki. I love the self healing audios and use them most days. They are helping me to do powerful self healing on myself and move on to a new place in my life which is brilliant. Thank you for taking all this effort to give me such a wonderful course - you have thought of everything, its been amazing." Claire


“The course content was outstanding, so much detail and very clear to understand. Fantastic course. I will be doing my reiki master with this company.” Rebecca 


“I have done all my reiki courses through the Reiki Mastery because their courses are absolutely fantastic. The courses have so much information and you learn so much in great detail. You won’t find a reiki course provider better than this one. The courses give you everything you need and so much more. Definitely invest in your own learning and journey and use this course provider.” Rebecca


“The course was fantastic, the amount information and content in the course was excellent. I would recommend these courses to anyone who is interested in Reiki you won’t find a better course than this course provider.  I have learned so so much and  had a great time learning loads of new things too.” Yvonne


“Simple, easy to understand and accessible on any devices. You can’t go wrong with this course, Fantastic course. Thank You.” Andy


“Reiki has become such a valuable life system, all my relationships have improved vastly. Reiki has awakened my whole belief system, and has impacted my whole life in a hugely positive way. I have now become much calmer, gentler and more settled. I feel much calmer, more centred, more focused and able to cope in stressful situations.” Jane


“These Reiki Mastery courses are always full of such good content and you can begin them at a time that suits you. i am a fast learner so this course was perfect because i could access all i needed right away. The Advanced Reiki Teacher course was full of so much information and detail and its such good value for money. All of these courses are about investing in yourself and your own learning and growth. This advanced course has helped my own Reiki growth and journey and was very easy to learn and pick up the skills needed for my future as a Reiki teacher in the future. Thank you providing such a fantastic course full of information and making it easy to learn. I feel the knowledge learned on this course is priceless and you do so much in your own life the skills you gain on this course. “ Rebecca


“The whole course was marvellous, not only did I expand my own consciousness, but I learned ways to cope with situations that previously I wouldn’t have dealt with very well. I learned to accept and nurture myself and others, and welcomed the Universal light of Reiki into my whole life. It’s made an immense difference and I finally feel comfortable within myself. It was an incredible, holistic experience, and has made my whole life far more insightful. I apply Reiki in every situation. I’m eternally thankful for all the positive guidance, blessings, love and support this course provided. Hugely enjoyable and positively impactful.” S.J.


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Here’s what our students gained the most value from learning, that will help them in their life ?

“The chance to treat myself and help others.” Carol


“Using the Reiki Chi Ball is effecting all of my family as we have a new compassion for each other as individuals, I have been using Reiki on my husband for his past trauma and its having a calming effect for sure. My pets are even snuggled up and calmer after Reiki. All round I am happier, healthy, enthused.” Alison


“Thank you this is such an insightful course , I didn’t think it was possible as its online and im dyslexic and autistic, but in my own time I made it through and im so proud of myself.” Natalie 


“To know to love, to be the best you can be, will help you be happy in your life. This course has a lot of value to pass on.” B. Curtlin


“To take care of myself, and in turn others, by developing positive affirming techniques.” Jocelyn


“Just to say that I am a qualified spiritual healer but felt so drawn to Reiki after my training.  I can see why now as it has had a powerful effect. The exercises were immensely valuable to me and has made me feel really confident going forward in my practice. Using the empowering exercises I received such a strong sensation of energy in the palms as well as a very uplifting feeling throughout my body. It has also sparked interest and belief within my family who also felt the energy and were very excited and inspired by their experiences.” C. Ash


“I have felt more at ease and have much less work stress since using Reiki; I am able to accept things better and move forward better.” Julie Stokes

“The exercise has heightened my awareness,  reinforced my connection to the Universe and had a profound impact on my sense of soul purpose.  I have direction in my soul path and I feel extremely blessed and grateful that I can give healing and comfort to others. Because I have become more grounded and focused, my family and friends feel happy for me and therefore have more happiness in their lives. Because my experience has been so profound my family and friends have also found a new sense of connection to the Universe and more inner peace.This all creates more positive energy to share.” Kerry


“I like that I can help and connect and send distant healing to people who require it. Makes me feel good and connected with my higher self. I can not wait to develop myself further in Reiki and use it in my daily life to help myself and others.” Leonie


“I definitely loved the practical, as im dyslexic im a doer , I think its called using the right hand side of your brain. I always want to help others but feel this way I heal myself first, something I have never done. I’ve learnt how to slow down and go within to heal and find calm. I feel ive healed myself and have so much love and light in me to help others. I love the feeling of starting my journey as a healer.” N Stead


“These exercises have benefited me, as it has allowed me to open up and be more attune/conscious to my way of thinking/behaviour. I have a more positive thought process and am able to deal better with my emotions. I often use the law of attraction and enjoy teaching family members about their thoughts and what they think they become. I am able to protect myself from the negative energy of others and this helps me not to take on their stuff. This has had a ripple effect upon my family and friends, as they can see a happier/healthier me and therefore they are now more positive whenever I am around them. I feel love and light and spread it everywhere I go”  Natasha


"Brilliant Reiki courses. I loved the whole course from Reiki 1 all the way through to my Reiki Master course. I’m looking forward to putting everything I have learned into practise and starting my own Reiki business. I want to help people benefit from this amazing energy of Reiki." Rebecca


“I have loved the whole course and I like the way the course materials are sent out and easy to access. They are delivered in a way that is easy to read and understand making it easier to absorb and gain a deeper understanding.” Steve


“I’ve learned so much, the support and use of Reiki has impacted so positively in every aspect of my life, and I feel ready now to fulfil my capacity to help others. The feeling of being one with the universe and yourself is mind blowing. Thank you Hilary & team x.” S.J


“I feel much more attuned to the vibrations of others, much calmer, with increased focus and clarity in my life and daily activities. This course has increased my sense of empowerment, and increased my feeling of being “centred”, as I always struggled with those issues before. I feel this has affected every part of my life positively, all aspects of daily life and relationships are much more settled. It has helped me when faced with difficult situations/people. I’ve become much calmer, more focused, gentler and less anxious. My anxiety levels have dropped, and I’ve learned how to deal with situations far more easily and better. I also recognise the triggers that make me angry and anxious and have learned to deal with them appropriately. My sense of self worth and being part of the universe and it’s healing has had a positive impact in all areas of my life. I feel much more sympathetic and able to look within myself for answers. Reiki has had a profound effect in every aspect of my life. The improvement is immense!”. Sam


“The guided audio meditations and practices. I’ve found these so valuable. They have helped me connect deeply, release any negative emotions there, protect my energy and this has helped me open up more to my husband, be more affectionate and understanding towards him. We are both feeling happier and calmer as a result.” Sarah


“I suffer badly with anxiety. Reiki has really helped me to release the blockages from my chakras – helping me to sleep better and feel more energised. When I use the Reiki symbols on myself, it felt like I had had so much release and weight lifted off my body. It has helped me to regain my self confidence and more energy for living a more happier life.” S. Hughes


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