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Reiki Master & Teacher Course

  • Reiki Master and Teacher Course Manual 

  • 30 Modules (300+ pages)​​

  • 5-Part Narrated Reiki Master Presentation

  • 19 x Reiki Master Course Audios ​

  • Including Reiki Attunement Audios

  • BONUS audio: 'Connect to Your Spirit Guides'

  • Reiki Master Attunement

  • ​Free Weekly Distant Reiki Healing Share

  • Free Monthly Distant Reiki Empowerment

reiki master course

A C C R E D I T E D 

Reiki Master & Teacher Course



Accredited Online Reiki Course



Our accredited online Reiki Master and Teacher Course is the 3rd part of your Reiki Mastery journey. Our accredited online Reiki Master Diploma Course includes a 300+ page Reiki Master Diploma Course Manual which includes 30 Modules, plus a narrated Presentation for for your certified Reiki Master Course. In total, you will also receive 19 Reiki Master audios, including audios Reiki Attunement audios, plus a powerful bonus, guided audio 'Connect With Your Spirit Guides' which will teach you the technique of connecting and communicating with your spirit guides and high vibrational Light Beings. By following the steps both in the manual and guided on the audio, you can experience a direct connection to your spirit guides and helpers that are around you at this time. We will also be showing you how to tap into very high vibrational energy with powerful techniques and self healing meditations to raise your vibration even further. It is a transformative course, designed to empower you by tapping into your innate power and wisdom. It can take you further on your Reiki Mastery journey, helping you to break through any old limitations, bringing you into the present and manifesting your future. We shall also teach you about the Law of Attraction and how to clear yourself so that you can attract and manifest more powerfully in your life. You can also learn more about self love and how to empower yourself and be more present in your life. We shall teach you how to link to your Soul Star, inorder to connect to an even higher frequency and how to create an Energy Vortex to energise & clear your energy field using a powerful, guided meditation. There are lots of energy practices and exercises to raise your vibration further and you will be learning how to give yourself a Reiki Self Empowerment which you can tap into whenever you wish. In addition, if you wish to teach Reiki now, or in the future, we have lots of tips for teaching Reiki to others. There is also a comprehensive section on Reiki Attunements and we have included two separate Reiki Attunement audios, plus an audio on 'How to Prepare Yourself For a Reiki Attunement' which goes through all the preparatory steps, so that you are ready to give Reiki Attunements easily and quickly - you simply need to listen and follow the directions - easy! This is a comprehensive Reiki Master and Teacher Diploma Course that can give you all the skills that you need to raise your vibration and empower yourself to give even higher frequency Reiki Treatments or teach others the gift of Reiki. Our accredited Reiki Master and Teacher Diploma Course is packed with gem after gem of empowering techniques, so, if you are really looking to take your knowledge and expertise to the next level, then this course is for you. Once you have received your certificate, you can call yourself a Reiki Master & Teacher

"I just wanted to message you to update you on what’s been happening since I finished the Master course.

It’s been actually amazing. I am picking up so much in my energy field not just that but also in a psychic way too. The courses honestly unlocked even more of my abilities and they were absolutely amazing.

All I can say is these courses are life changing and they have helped me find my higher being and spiritual home." Leah 

You may wish to do this Reiki Master & Teacher Course to raise your vibrational energy for working with Reiki clients or simply for your own life, or you may be looking to teach Reiki in the near future. Some people never start with the intention of teaching Reiki but go on to it further down the line. Whatever the reason behind your decision to continue your learning to Reiki Master level, you will be progressing yourself on your Reiki Mastery journey. Are you ready to take on new ideas, expand your consciousness even further, to grow, develop and increase your vibration to the next level? You will also be working with the Universal light of abundance.

Our Reiki Master Course is one of the best Reiki Courses on the market giving you comprehensive Reiki Master training, not only in becoming a Reiki Master, but being one, living with access to high vibrational energy in your life. With a 300+ page Reiki Master Course Manual, packed with techniques, empowering meditations and energy practices, as well as in-clinic expertise, based on over 20 years practical experience, you can become an empowered, confident Reiki Master. By using the tools in your Reiki Master Course, you can expand your experience of Reiki, raising your vibration even further and continuing the transformational process in your life. We also include a 5-part narrated Reiki Master Course presentation to guide you through the most important points of the course.

There are also audios to help raise your vibration even further and increase your ability to link with high vibrational spirit guides. You can learn to work with the Infinite Light of the Universe and the more that you clear yourself and fill yourself with this Infinite Light, evolving on your Reiki Mastery journey, the higher the level of energy you will be able to channel. Light beings will come in to give you what you need and help you on your life’s path, for your soul’s progression and your spiritual enlightenment at this stage of your mastership. You will see a change in your mindset, thoughts, behaviour and actions. These can bring subtle changes that can cause a paradigm shift in yourself and your life. 


As your light shines bright, you can share this light with the world.

"I have just started doing my Reiki Master level. 

I am so impressed with the level of information given.

This course is informative and well detailed ❤️

I can’t thank u enough for how much confidence I am gaining through doing this course🙏🏼❤️ Rebecca"


Reiki Master & Teacher Course

Here's a look at some of the subjects covered in your accredited course:  

  • Becoming vs Being a Reiki Master 

  • Self Mastery

  • Enlightenment

  • Your True Purpose

  • Soul Star Meditation

  • Progressing Your Reiki Mastery Journey

  • Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

  • Reiki Master Symbols    

  • Advanced Universal Energy Practices

  • Usui's Advanced Energy Practices

  • Connecting to your Inner Child

  • The Multi-Dimensional Reiki Grid

  • Reiki Crystal Grid

  • Working with the Auric Bodies

  • Advanced Aura Clearing Practices

  • Abundance & Law of Attraction

  • Love & Oneness

  • Gratitude Blessing

  • Heart Grounding Meditation

  • The 'Three Treasures' Energy Practice

  • Microcosmic Orbit 

  • Violet Breath

  • Transform Your TimeLine 

  • Abundance TimeLine

  • Karmic Release

  • Reiki Psychic Surgery 

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Connecting With Light Beings

  • How To Create an Energy Vortex

  • Reiju Empowerments with Symbols

  • Reiju Empowerments with Kotodama

  • Distant Reiju Empowerments

  • Reiki Master Reiju Self Empowerment

  • Setting Up for Reiki Attunements

  • Preparing Your Energy for Attunements

  • Different Levels of Attunements

  • Reiki Level I & 2 Attunement Process 

  • Reiki Master Attunement Process 

  • Tools for Teaching Reiki

  • Designing Your Reiki Course

  • Itineraries for Reiki I & II Level Courses

  • Giving Attunements to Groups

  • Crown to Crown Attunements

  • Remote Attunements

reiki master course

As this is an accredited Reiki Course, in order to receive your diploma Reiki Master & Teacher Course certificate, you will be required to complete your Reiki Master & Teacher Course Assessment. Preferably, you will have already completed our Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Level 1 & 2 Courses, so that you are familiar with the techniques that we specifically teach in our accredited Reiki Courses. However, we welcome new students to take our Reiki Master Course, even if you have learnt Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 with another provider

"Hilary has been my Reiki teacher and spiritual guide and healer for many years and I have learnt so much from her. She has helped me so much and through knowing all of this, I have been able to transform my life and my family's too. I know that my life would have been very different if I hadn't have gone along this path with Hilary and learning Reiki". Laura

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