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What makes your Reiki Courses so different ?


As well as the comprehensive teachings of Reiki, we also include all the newly re-discovered original energy practices (direct from Usui’s original students). These practices, until recently, were lost and have not been taught to Reiki students in the West. This means that we are bringing you the true roots of Reiki, so that you can learn to connect & channel high levels of Universal energy.  


We have thoroughly researched all of these re-discovered techniques and are delighted to bring these to you, as part of our commitment to bringing you all the best information that you need, so that  you can become a confident Reiki practitioner. 

Our Reiki and energy practice audios are unique and are infused with high vibrational energies. They will help to propell you to a higher vibration and work alongside the energy of your Reiki Attunement. These higher vibrations are needed at this time, as the Earth's frequency speeds up and the planet awakens. You will be trained in channelling these high vibrational energies for your highest good, and all those whom you work with. 

You can also join in our distant Reiki Healing Share every Wednesday and send healing to your loved ones, the other Reiki Mastery Academy students, the planet and you will also receive high vibrational healing for yourself. There is also a monthly free Reiki Empowerment for your to access, a download as such, which will keep your energy aligned with the ascending Earth energies as we go through this planetary and Universal shift.

What makes your Reiki Courses so special ?


Our Reiki Courses are infused with high vibrational energy, especially via our Reiki & energy practice audios. There are very high light beings assisting all those who study our Reiki Courses, as this is the call of the Universe, for as many people as possible to become enlightened, quickly and effectively.  


This is so much more than a standard Reiki Course - this is a direct calling to you. For this reason, you are reading these words. It is the aim, with your free Will, to link you to a source of high vibrational Reiki energy that you can bring into enlighten all areas of your life and to help you to become clear on your purpose and path. You can use this to help you in your work, relationships, home life & hobbies. It can help you through your fears, worries and uncertainties, as well as help you to refocus, move forward and create new possibilities. Your energy can soar and you can start implementing new, vibrant strategies and exciting new projects. With this renewed energy, you can align your thoughts with your actions and start to work with the Law of Attraction and manifesting. Manifesting the life that your soul knows is your truth, that your soul desires inorder that you can have a fulfilling, peaceful & happy life. After all, that’s what we are all here for and it brings us closer to lasting light & peace on our planet. 

Is there any Coursework ?


As well as working with your manuals and the learning materials, we recommend that you have a journal, so that as you go through the course at your own pace, and make your own notes & observations after using the practical audios or techniques in the course.


Are there any Exams involved ? 


As our Reiki Courses are accredited, you are required to do a Reiki Assessment at the end of the course which will show your understanding and competency. This is important in order to show us that you can work safely & professionally. The Reiki Assessment is a series of questions which assess your understanding and competency of Reiki and the techniques in the course. The Reiki Assessment is easily passed once you have read your manual and followed the Reiki Course materials. Once you have successfully passed your Reiki Assessment, you will receive your Reiki Certificate by email. For Reiki Level 1, you will be asked to give a Reiki Treatment to a friend or family member, and we shall ask you to write a brief Case History about the Reiki Treatment you have given, so that we can assess your competency with Reiki Treatments. 


Are there any practical elements to the Course ?


It is a very practical course because we train you to understand about energy & how it works, plus you also work practically with Reiki energy via the Reiki & energy practice audios & all the  techniques in the manuals. In this way, you will become a well-rounded Reiki healer, learning to use & trust your intuitive powers along with a firm foundation in how to work safely and effectively with energy. Overall, this will help you to become a confident, professional Reiki healer and channel high vibrational Reiki energy both for yourself and for others. 


Are these just a theory courses ?


These are not just an explanatory or theory Reiki courses. They are highly practical Reiki Courses as the world needs powerful, enlightened and awakened healers right now. 


How long do I have to study this course ?


You have 2 years to complete the course. 


This is from the Terms & Conditions.


Please refer to:


“It must be successfully completed within two years from the date of purchase, in order to receive the Reiki Course certificate. After two ​years, the Reiki Course can still be studied or referred to, as it comes in a digital download format, however, the student will not be eligible for a Reiki certificate.”


Is the Reiki Attunement included ?


Yes. For each level, we offer a distant Reiki Attunement which is included as standard in your Reiki Course. 

How do I access my Reiki Attunement ?


Your Reiki Attunement and how to access it is all explained in your manual when you register. After learning about energy work and Reiki in your Reiki Course, you will become clear about how Reiki Attunements work. At Reiki Master level, you will learn how to attune students to Reiki and learn about in more detail.


This is a high vibrational energy course working with high level energy and spirit guides, so you will be attuned absolutely in line with your soul’s development for the level of Reiki you are studying. 


Can I have a live Reiki Attunement instead ?




For each level, we offer a distant Reiki Attunement or you can choose to have a ‘live’ Reiki Attunement, as an optional extra. This means that you & your Reiki Master both tune in at the same time which can give a more direct link. This is a personal choice, and some people wish to have that direct link to their Reiki Master during the Reiki Attunement process. This does not mean that the efficacy of the standard distant Reiki Attunement included with your course, is not effective, it is just a personal preference.


On booking, you will be able to download your Reiki Attunement audio. Tune in at the specified time given to you, this will be on the next Wednesday evening after booking (after the Reiki Healing Share). Simply play the Reiki Attunement audio and it will help to prepare your energy & guide you through the different steps whilst your Reiki Master goes through the Reiki Attunement process. If, for some reason, you are unable to make the allocated time, you can play your Reiki Attunement audio at anytime thereafter, as your Reiki Attunement will have been done for you, so you can receive it whenever you wish. 

"The audios are brilliant and so inspiring and nurturing, providing so much high quality training." C. Ash

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