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Benefits of Reiki

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There are many reasons why people are attracted learning Reiki. It may be that you are looking for a new path, wanting a change of career or have come to a crossroads in your life. Are you looking to change something in yourself and your life? Would you like to attract new possibilities and opportunities into your life? Would you like to feel more fulfilled with more control of your own life and destiny? Would you like to enter a more positive phase in your life with a sense of calm, stability and peace in your daily life? Would you like to live with a sense of joy, peace and freedom in your life? Would you like to transform your relationships with family, friends or colleagues?

Or maybe you want to change how you are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally: Are you looking to transform you life after a period of grief or upset ? Would you like to be able to switch off more easily and relax? Would you like to learn how to deeply relax to experience less stress and anxiety? Are you feeling that you would like more vitality and energy? Would you like to feel lighter and brighter within yourself? 


These are just some of the benefits of Reiki and how learning Reiki can help you in your day to day life.

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"couldn't have asked for a better way to learn Reiki. I love the self healing audios and use them most days. They are helping me to do powerful self healing on myself and move on to a new place in my life which is brilliant. Thank you for taking all this effort to give me such a wonderful course - you have thought of everything, its been amazing." Claire 

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Reiki can give you immeasurable benefits in your life, from stress management to improved clarity of thought, feeling revitalised and positive to increased strength and courage to get on with new ventures and change your life to how you wish it to look like. 


Read this list of benefits of Reiki and see how many you would benefit from:

  • Increased intuition and psychic ability

  • Awareness of what you need

  • A deep sense of knowing

  • Loving yourself more and feeling inner strength

  • Increased alignment with your soul’s path 

  • Opening up to a new, higher vibrational energy

  • Recharging your batteries

  • Clearing and revitalising 

  • Increased clarity and focus

  • Calming for stress management 

  • Rebalancing for the physical body

  • Bliss state of peace & harmony

  • Increased synchronicity

  • Increased courage and confidence

  • Mental and emotional causes of physical ailments

  • Calming for stress-related health issues

  • Clearing old emotions & thought patterns

  • Letting go of the past & removing blockages

  • Moving on in your life and being positive

  • Stop feeling ‘stuck’ in old patterns

  • Restful sleep throughout the night

  • Sense of self responsibility and self control

  • Protecting your personal boundaries 

  • Helping loved ones and pets



Reiki & Physical Symptoms

Reiki works holistically to restore balance and harmonise the mind, body and spirit, activating the natural healing processes of the recipients own body. In this way, it is said that Reiki can help be used to help physical ailments as well as the mental and emotional root causes behind them. Learn Reiki easily with our accredited online Reiki courses and give yourself the gift of Reiki Self Healing whenever you wish.

reiki courses
reiki courses
reiki courses
reiki courses
reiki courses
reiki courses

There are a whole myriad of common, every ‘nagging’ symptoms which people suffer from on a daily basis. We have seen, over the years, that many of these symptoms, especially ones as a result of stress and not being able to ‘switch off’ have benefited from relaxation and high vibrational Universal energy.


In today’s 21st Century, too many people are struggling with a sympathetic dominant nervous system which causes them to be in a ‘go-go-go’ state, unable to switch off and, as a consequence, the body’s stress hormone, cortisol, keeps churning out, This state is known as ‘wired but tired’ as the body is essentially running on overdrive yet underneath is getting more and more tired, leading to exhausting and eventually burnout. This can lead to all manor of symptoms which, although they may not be life threatening, can begin to become annoying, ‘nagging’ symptoms that can persist or keep reoccurring, for example, a lack of energy and fatigue, skin conditions, IBS, indigestion, headaches, bloating, weight gain, poor memory, restless leg, to name but a few. This is the body’s way of letting you know that something is out of balance and needs addressing. If these ‘nagging’ symptoms are not addressed (by rebalancing the underlying factors), this may lead to more serious ailments and then, over time, chronic symptoms can manifest as disease. 

As we live in this competitive, busy, go-go-go, action orientated, yang based, sympathetic dominant society, we need to balance this with more yin based activities to activate the parasympathetic nervous system - the calming state that the body thrives in. It is a state in which the body can renew and revitalise itself. Activities that can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system include mindfulness, meditation, QiGong, Tai Chi and Reiki.

Being in a parasympathetic state can help the physical body to rebalance, for example, it can help rebalance the body’s blood sugar, producing less insulin and therefore reducing risk of Type II Diabetes. Producing too much insulin is also associated with Metabolic Syndrome which is characterised by weight gain around the midriff, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and high levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and is a now thought to be a leading contender in coronary disease. IBS symptoms are affected by stress and reducing stress has been found to reduce constipation and diarrhoea. Being in a parasympathetic state can reduce high cortisol levels, which, may help with insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, hot flushes, inflammatory conditions, a lowered immune system, exhaustion and burnout. In addition, when the body is in a stress state rather than a calm, relaxed state, the body uses valuable calcium and magnesium stores to rebalance the body. Taking calcium out of the bones can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis and a reduction in magnesium may contribute to twitchy or restless leg, sciatica and other nerve complaints.

Giving yourself Reiki Self Healing and doing the mediations and energy practices in our Reiki online training, will help to train you in being in a parasympathetic state more often. It will help to balance you - your biochemistry and your physical body, as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual body’s. The body is very responsive and your cells are always renewing. Learn more about the physical body and Reiki when you do your Reiki Mastery Academy accredited online Reiki Courses.


Note: Reiki does not replace any of your regular medical treatments and your GP or primary care provider should always be consulted. Some people use it in addition to mainstream treatments for conditions including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and infertility. There are no claims made but Reiki may help the recipient feel better, by aiding relaxation and balancing the body.


"You have helped me so much I’ll always be grateful 💕I read the manuals and used the audios that accompany them and absolutely loved it. Reiki has made such a big difference to my life and gives a wonderful sense of well-being and calm in a whirlwind world. Hilary is THE BEST healer and Reiki Master if you’re looking to try Reiki let her teach you, it’s one of the best things you could try 💕" Kelly


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