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Advanced Reiki Teacher Course

  • Advanced Reiki Teacher Course Manual 

  • 20 Modules (100+ pages)​

  • 8 x Advanced Reiki Teacher Course Audios 

  • ​Free Weekly Distant Reiki Healing Share

  • Free Monthly Distant Reiki Empowerment

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reiki master course

A C C R E D I T E D 



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Advanced Reiki Teacher Course

Accredited Online Reiki Course



Includes a 100+ page professional, comprehensive Advanced Reiki Teacher Diploma Course Manual containing 20 Modules to teach you how to become a confident Reiki Teacher. Plus, the 8 additional Reiki Teacher Audios (worth over £40 alone) are an exceptional guide to the more complex aspects of teaching Reiki and giving Reiki Attunements.


The 8 Advanced Reiki Teacher Audios have been especially designed to help you become a Reiki Teacher if this is the path you wish to take. 


With all aspects of the practical side of giving Reiki Attunements, this is a unique opportunity to have specialist training in becoming a Reiki Teacher.

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"I just wanted to message you to update you on what’s been happening since I finished the Master course.

It’s been actually amazing. I am picking up so much in my energy field not just that but also in a psychic way too. The courses honestly unlocked even more of my abilities and they were absolutely amazing.

All I can say is these courses are life changing and they have helped me find my higher being and spiritual home." Leah 

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