Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course

  • Reiki Level 2 Manual - 20 Modules - 150+ pages

  • Client Treatment Manual - 50+ pages

  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement 

  • 1 x Distant Reiki Healing Audio​ (£100 worth of audios)

  • 15 x Reiki Symbol Self Healing & Energy Practice Audios

  • BONUS audio: 'Daily Reiki Affirmations'

  • 2-Part Narrated Reiki Level 2 Course Presentation

  • Lightworker Mastery Advanced Level 2 Certificate

  • Distant Reiki Healing Share & Reiju Empowerment

reiki 2 course

The Reiki Mastery Academy accredited online Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course is a very comprehensive Reiki course to a professional diploma standard. It takes you deeper into your own Reiki Self Healing practice using the Reiki Symbols and enables you to give Reiki Treatments as an advanced practitioner to paying clientsYou will learn all about the Reiki Symbols and their origins and how to internalise their energy using the Reiki Symbol meditation audios. You will also learn about Usui's original teachings, before the introduction of Reiki Symbols, which will help you to access high vibrational energy. You will also learn how to give a Distant or Remote Reiki Treatment so that you can send Reiki healing anytime you wish, to anyone, anywhere! Includes your Reiki Level 2 Attunement when both you and your Reiki Master tune in at the same time, whilst you relax in the comfort of your own home. On successful completion of your Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course Assessment, you will receive your Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course certificate and Lightworker Mastery Advanced Level 2 certificate. PayPal and all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Continue your Reiki Mastery Journey here.

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Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course

Online Reiki Course


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In our Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course we shall be showing you how to deepen your practice, continuing on your Reiki Mastery journey, on your path of enlightenment, to re-connect you to your true Self. You are already enlightened, and are merely finding your way back. Usui created this spiritual or Universal system to help guide the way on your path to enlightenment and our aim is to light the way forward for you. This Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course is about steering a way forward for you, so that you can bring more positive change and transformation into your life. 


Our Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course includes the concepts of Usui’s original system and teachings at Okuden Level. We have comprehensively researched this newly discovered information that has recently come to light, bringing you an extensive amount of background and insight into Usui’s teachings which is important to practise Reiki in its purest form. Using the original system from Usui will enable you to gain access to much higher levels of Universal energy. This will help you to “enlighten” yourself, coming back to your true Self, by bringing in more light, helping you to access the higher mind thus releasing the shadow from the lower mind.


You also have all the standard Reiki teaching for Reiki Level 2 including the Reiki symbols. Learning about the Reiki symbols and using them in your life will help to transform old energies into new, clear and increase the vibration of your energy field. They will help to shed light into your life and bring you an awareness that you did not have before - bringing anything buried, that no longer serves you, into your consciousness to be released. Combined, this gives you a highly informative Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course with all the background and practical information you need. 

As well as your comprehensive Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course Manual, you will also receive a step-by-step Client Treatment Manual which will give you the additional information and techniques you require to work with paying clients. You will also learn the difference between Remote and Distant Reiki Healing and we will show you how to prepare and give Remote and Distant Reiki Healing so that you can. ‘send’ Reiki to loved ones, clients or situations anytime.


Other areas that you are going to learn about include: how to sense the body’s energy field as well as a body scanning technique, called Byosen, that Usui taught his students, so that you can add this into your practice. You are going to be taught how to perform a Reiji Ho Treatment and how to work more intuitively. We shall also build on the Reiki Precepts from Reiki Level 1 and introduce you to the Daily Precept Affirmations. Integrating these techniques will help you on your path  to enlightenment - becoming happier, healthier and more peaceful in your life, which was the fundamental aim of Usui’s system.


Our Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and professional Reiki courses on the market and is based on 20 years of client experience. We are passing on all of our knowledge and expertise as it is time to pass the baton so that we have more practising Reiki healers. As well as receiving your Reiki Level 2 Diploma, you are also granted a Lightworker Mastery Level 2 qualification certificate because we include many aspects of working with the light and becoming a clear channel for energy to flow through you. This course raises your vibration and consciousness to another level and the world needs people like you to help move the planet on, whilst we go through the “awakening” process. Your Lightworker Mastery Level 2 qualification will continue in the Reiki Master course so that by the end of your Reiki Mastery journey, you are fully on your path of enlightenment. 


We highly recommend our Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course if you are looking to raise your vibration and consciousness, learn how be more psychic & intuitive and further your Reiki healing abilities.


Accredited Reiki Level 2 Course

Here are some of the subjects covered in your accredited Reiki Level 2 Course:  

  • Traditional Reiki Level 2 

  • The Original Reiki Energies

  • Reiki Level 2 Symbols Chart   

  • When to Use Reiki Symbols   

  • Usui's Original Teachings

  • Symbol 1 & 2 Meanings 

  • Yin & Yang

  • Deeper Meanings of the Symbols

  • The Higher Mind & Lower Mind

  • Healing Effects of Symbols

  • Symbol Meditations      

  • The Mental/Emotion Link  

  • Mindfulness and Meditation  

  • Releasing Old Patterns

  • Daily Reiki Precepts Affirmations

  • Subconscious Beliefs   

  • How to Draw the Reiki Symbols 

  • Empowering The Symbols

  • Preparation for Using Symbols   

  • Reiki Treatments Using Symbols

  • How to Choose a Symbol      

  • Self Healing Using Symbols   

  • Reiki Symbol Chi Ball   

  • Internalising the Energies      

  • Reiki Symbols in Reiki Treatments 

  • Symbol 3 Meanings 

  • Oneness 

  • Uses of Symbol 3

  • Time to Release the Past        

  • Shaping Your Future   

  • Distant Reiki Healing Procedure

  • Distant & Remote Treatments   

  • Guidelines for Chargeable Treatments 

  • Sessions       

  • Healing Crisis    

  • Reiki Treatment Courses        

  • Reiki Treatment Charges

  • Working with Reiki in Offices      

  • Voluntary Treatments  

  • Reiki and other Therapies      

  • Emergency Situations  

  • Advertising       

  • Reiki in Hospitals         

  • Health & Safety

  • Client Advice Sheet     

  • Registration Form  

  • Reiki Treatment Forms 

  • Practise Using the Symbols      

  • Beaming & Radiating Reiki

  • Sending Reiki to People 

  • Sending Reiki to Situations     

  • Reiki Books & Boxes

  • Space Clearing & Symbols        

  • Empower Your Goals with Reiki       

  • Increasing Your Intuition       

  • Using Oracle Cards     

  • Working with Spirit Guides     

  • Sensing the Energy Field       

  • Boosting the Energy Field      

  • Reiki Byosen (Scanning) 

  • How to Perform Reiji Ho       

  • The 21 Day Cleanse    

  • Weekly Healing Share

  • Preparing to be a Reiki Master

"Thank you for this amazing course - I still can't believe that I found such a wonderful teacher.

I feel blessed and I love the audios so much, they are so healing.

Thank you for everything, you've been so kind and thoughtful." 

Lydia, Lincolnshire

reiki 2 course

Inorder to receive your certificate for the Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course, completion of a

Reiki Level 2 Course Assessment is required to show competency .

Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking.