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Reiki Level 2 Course

  • Advanced Reiki Level 2 Manual - 185+ pages

  • Client Treatment Manual 50+ pages

  • 9  x Reiki Symbol & Energy Healing Audio​s

  • BONUS audio: 'Daily Reiki Affirmations'

  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement

  • Narrated Reiki Level 2 Course Presentation

  • Free Weekly Distant Reiki Healing Share

  • Free Monthly Distant Reiki Empowerment


A C C R E D I T E D 

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Reiki Level 2 Course

Accredited Online Reiki Course





Our accredited Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course is an indepth Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course covering all that you need to become a certified Advanced Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. You will receive a 185+ page Advanced Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course Manual, plus a 50+ page Client Treatment Manual which gives you the guidance and comprehensive resources for giving professional Reiki Treatments to paying clients, once you have qualified, including including preparatory protocol, post Reiki Treatment guidance, Reiki Treatment Forms and actual in-clinic tips from over 20 years experience in giving Reiki Treatments. You also receive 10 Reiki Level 2 audios to help you practice the Reiki Level 2 Course techniques and get used to working with the Reiki Symbols.


In this accredited online Reiki Level 2 Course, we shall teach you about the Reiki Symbols from both a western standpoint as well as from the original teachings of Usui, which have recently been rediscovered in Japan. And which we are delighted to be able to bring you, so that you can have a much deeper understanding and knowledge of the Reiki Symbols. This can help you to blend and become one with the Reiki Symbols, so that you can access their qualities more powerfully and confidently. 


Learning about the Reiki Symbols and using them in your life can help you to transform old energies into new, clearing and raise the vibration of your energy field. The Reiki Symbols can also help you to access your higher mind, rather than the ego, bringing more light into your consciousness, helping you to shed old patterns or anything buried, that no longer serves you, including low vibrational negative thoughts and self sabotaging patterns.

The 10 exceptional Reiki audios that you receive, can help to guide you through the practical aspects of this accredited Reiki 2 Course. This includes an audio guiding you through an original energy practice, taught by Usui to his students, to help raise your vibration and consciousness even further. You also have audios that are designed to help you practice working with the energy of the Reiki Symbols and experience the differences between them. This can help to take your experience of working with the Reiki Symbols to another level. It can also help you to become more confident in using the Reiki Symbols as they become a natural part of you., as you internalise them. There is also an invaluable Reiki Symbol Self Healing audio to guide you in using the Reiki Symbols for self healing. 

You will also receive a Light Healing audio which can help you to tap into an even higher frequency and work with your spirit guides and teachers to clear the past at a deeper level which may include releasing trauma and wounds, from adulthood or childhood.


In addition, you will also receive Prayer of Protection to use before working with clients as well as an audio of our Universal Prayer which you can use to help keep your energy high and clear.


Your bonus audio is Daily Reiki Affirmations which you can use as a mantra every day to bring Reiki Affirmations into your daily life.


We shall also be teaching you about Distant Reiki Healing, Remote Reiki Treatments and the difference between both of these techniques. This is a very popular part of our Reiki Level 2 Course and students often remark how they love sending Reiki to people they care about. You can also use the guided Reiki Distant Healing audio that is included in your Reiki Level 2 Course materials. We shall also teach you how to give Remote Reiki Treatments and the protocol for setting these up. 


The aim of our Reiki Level 2 Course is to help you to deepen your practice, continuing on your Reiki Mastery journey, on your path of enlightenment, to re-connect to your true self. You are already enlightened, and are merely finding your way back. Usui created this spiritual or Universal system to help guide the way on your path to enlightenment and our mission is to light the way forward for you. This Reiki Level 2 Course is about steering a way forward for you, so that you can let go of the old and bring more positive change and transformation into your life. 

Our accredited online Reiki Level 2 Course is one of the most comprehensive and professional Reiki Level 2 Courses on the market and is based on over 20 years of client experience. We are passing on all of our knowledge and expertise as it is time to pass the baton, so that we have more professional standard, certified Reiki Practitioners. 

Overall, our online Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course can help you to expand your awareness and intuitive abilities, increase your Reiki healing potential and raise your vibration even further.


Reiki Level 2 Course

Here are some of the subjects covered in your

accredited Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course:  

  • Heavenly & Earthly Ki

  • Original Reiki Techniques

  • Reiki Level 2 Symbols Chart   

  • When to Use Reiki Symbols   

  • Usui's Original Teachings

  • Symbol 1 & 2 Meanings 

  • Yin & Yang

  • Deeper Meanings of the Symbols

  • The Higher Mind & Lower Mind

  • Healing Effects of Symbols

  • Symbol Meditations      

  • The Mental/Emotion Link  

  • Mindfulness and Meditation  

  • Releasing Old Patterns

  • Daily Reiki Precepts Affirmations

  • Subconscious Beliefs   

  • How to Draw the Reiki Symbols 

  • Empowering The Symbols

  • Preparation for Using Symbols   

  • Reiki Treatments Using Symbols

  • How to Choose a Symbol      

  • Self Healing Using Symbols   

  • Reiki Symbol Chi Ball   

  • Internalising the Energies      

  • Reiki Symbols in Reiki Treatments 

  • Symbol 3 Meanings 

  • Oneness 

  • Uses of Symbol 3

  • Time to Release the Past        

  • Shaping Your Future   

  • Distant Reiki Healing Procedure

  • Distant & Remote Treatments   

  • Guidelines for Chargeable Treatments 

  • Protocol    

  • Healing Crisis    

  • Reiki Treatment Courses        

  • Reiki Treatment Charges

  • Working with Reiki in Offices      

  • Voluntary Treatments  

  • Reiki and other Therapies      

  • Emergency Situations  

  • Advertising       

  • Reiki in Hospitals         

  • Health & Safety

  • Client Advice Sheet     

  • Registration Form  

  • Reiki Treatment Forms 

  • Practise Using the Symbols      

  • Beaming & Radiating Reiki

  • Sending Reiki to People 

  • Sending Reiki to Situations     

  • Reiki Books & Boxes

  • Space Clearing & Symbols        

  • Empower Your Goals with Reiki       

  • Increasing Your Intuition       

  • Using Oracle Cards     

  • Working with Spirit Guides     

  • Sensing the Energy Field       

  • Boosting the Energy Field      

  • Reiki Byosen (Scanning) 

  • How to Perform Reiji Ho       

  • The 21 Day Cleanse    

  • Weekly Healing Share

  • Preparing to be a Reiki Master

As this is an accredited Reiki Level 2 Course, in order to receive your certificate to become an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, completion of the Reiki Level 2 Course Assessment is required to show competency.

"Thank you for this amazing course - I still can't believe that I found such a wonderful teacher.

I feel blessed and I love the audios so much, they are so healing.

Thank you for everything, you've been so kind and thoughtful." Laura

reiki 2 course

"Absolutely fantastic course. So much content and lots of detail. I actually studied my reiki one a few years ago with a different provider. Once I have finished my reiki 2 I will be doing my reiki one again with this company as they are outstanding. You can’t beat the amount of detail provided and all the audios. Fantastic company and fantastic reiki course. It exceeded my expectations and I will be doing my reiki master course with this company." Rebecca


Enjoy becoming an Advanced Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and giving Reiki Treatments to paying clients.

Take your next step now to continue your Reiki Mastery journey with us.

Seize this amazing offer and start today!

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