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Reiki Level 1 Course 

  • Reiki Level 1 Manual (18 Modules) 195+ pages

  • Reiki Level 1 Treatment Manual 185+ pages

  • 10 x Reiki Level 1 Audios

  • 1 x Guided Reiki Treatment​ Audio

  • 4 x Reiki Self Healing Audios

  • BONUS Audio: 'Raising Your Vibration'

  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement

  • 2-Part Narrated Reiki 1 Course Presentation

  • Free Weekly Distant Reiki Shares

  • Free Monthly Distant Reiki Empowerments 



A C C R E D I T E D 

Reiki Level 1 Diploma Course


Accredited Online Reiki Course 





Our Reiki Level 1 Course is an exciting dive into the world of energy. There are two parts to our very comprehensive Reiki Level 1 Course. In Part One, we shall introduce you to everything about Reiki, its meaning, benefits and background with a 195+ page comprehensive Reiki training manual. You can also learn about the fundamentals of the energy body, so that you have a complete understanding of how it works and how it relates to your physical body. We shall also teach you a variety of techniques to expand your energy and increase your vibration using Usui's original energy practices, plus ones additional ones that you can also use every day to help get your energy balanced and flowing for your day ahead. These techniques can also help you to work safely and effectively when channelling energy. You can also use the Reiki Self Healing audios which can really help to get your energy flowing from Day 1.


Reiki is also a self development journey of transformation and can help to shine a light on old patterns and wounds that may be preventing you from shining fully in the world, and help to release them, bringing you into a more harmonious way of being. This, in turn, can help you to get in touch with your own power and self empowerment can truly be a pivotal and life changing point for many people. From here, you can begin to shine your light in the world as your true self, connecting to your soul's purpose, enabling you to become more in touch with your life's path and helping you to become more self empowered.


Part Two focuses on your Reiki Level 1 Treatment Manual which is a complete professional guide to Reiki Self Healing and giving Reiki Treatments to others. It consists of over 185 pages with step-by-step details on every aspect that you need to become a Reiki Practitioner. We have included all the important points that you need inorder to give yourself high vibrational Reiki Self Healing and Reiki Treatments. 


Along with the narrated presentation and our unique channelled audios, this is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and professional Reiki courses on the market and is based on 20 years of client experience. We are passing on all of our knowledge and expertise as it is time to pass the baton so that we have more practising Reiki practitioners This course can help you to raise your vibration and consciousness to another level and the world needs people like you to help move the planet on, whilst we go through the “awakening” process. 


We highly recommend our Reiki Level 1 Course if you are looking to change aspects of your life, transform yourself, raise your vibration and live with more positive energy.

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"Wow what can is say, this course was very enjoyable and had so much information and content. The detail of the course was very good and there was so much to learn. I came across this course during a google search and I wanted to do it because it was accredited. All the information you gain is amazing and the way the course is formatted is easy to understand. It’s easy to download the files too and you can save them to any device." Tessa

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In our accredited online Reiki Level 1 Course, you will receive both a 195+ page Reiki Level 1 Diploma Course Manual plus a 185+ page Reiki Level 1 Treatment Manual - that's over 380 pages of high quality, professional, yet easy-to-understand content. Our Reiki Level 1 Course Diploma Manual can give you an indepth understanding of Reiki and how to effectively work with your energy body, your aura and chakras, giving you a firm foundation in all the background that you need, so that you can be really confident when using Reiki. In addition, you can learn how to ground, clear and protect yourself using a quick and simple exercise. Plus, we shall be teaching you how to raise your vibration, clear your aura, protect yourself, set boundaries and how to cut energetic cords with people.


We also have many more fascinating areas for you to learn about including delving into the world of spirit guides, angels and Archangels and how to access their guidance and assistance. Next, you can move on to your Reiki Level 1 Course Treatment Manual which gives you an illustrated, step-by-step guide to giving Reiki Self Healing to yourself and Reiki Treatments to others. Based on your 20 years of experience in-clinic, we have included the protocol for how to give Reiki Treatments, what to look out for, how to set up for a Reiki Treatment, what you should feel, plus many more areas of expertise, as well as a Client Care Handout, Reiki Treatment Forms and a Registration Form, so that you feel confident and fully equipped to give Reiki healing to others from the get-go.


You will also receive our 16 unique Reiki Level 1 Course audios which can help to empower your Reiki and show you how to practically channel Reiki for your own self healing and for Reiki Treatments. Included are four channelled Reiki Self Healing audios, so that you can practice channelling high vibrational Reiki energy and experience Reiki from Day 1. You can also listen to the guided Reiki Treatment audio which guides you through the format for a professional Reiki Treatment. Our Reiki Level 1 Diploma Course gives not only the western teachings of Reiki, but also an indepth insight into the original methods used by Usui, the founder of Reiki, which have recently been rediscovered in Japan. We have thoroughly researched all of these techniques and are delighted to bring you these latest developments. Learning these original teachings can enable you to have a much deeper knowledge of the roots of Reiki and this can help to raise your vibration, empower and strengthen your connection to Reiki. For this reason, we have included a variety of original Reiki energy practice audios, so that you can practice using Usui's original techniques. Our guided energy practice audios, can help you to raise your vibration and empower your Reiki Self Healing and Reiki Treatments.


You can also play the bonus audio 'Raise your Vibration' to raise your vibration quickly, at anytime of the day, wherever you are. You will also receive a comprehensive, narrated Reiki Level 1 Course Presentation which guides you through the main points of your Reiki Level 1 Course. Overall, our Reiki Level 1 Course can give you an indepth understanding of Reiki, so that you can get going with Reiki quickly and easily. 

"I am really enjoying reading the manuals and practising Reiki – I LOVE it, it has really helped me I feel in a much better place now, so many things seem to make sense. Unfortunately an aunt of mine passed away at the weekend and I have used self healing to help me at this difficult time, it really does work and help. Thank you so much for leading me in this direction and for all your help, I'm really grateful. I'm looking forward to Reiki Level 2 with you!" Kelly


Reiki Level 1 Course

Here are some of the subjects covered in your accredited Reiki Level 1 Diploma Course 

  • What is Reiki?
  • Benefits of Reiki          

  • Ways to Use Reiki       

  • Reiki in Today’s World            

  • The Meaning of Reiki  

  • Reiki as a Healing System

  • History of Reiki           

  • The Reiki Precepts 

  • Learning how to Sense Energy

  • The Art of Deep Breathing     

  • Traditional Energy Practices   

  • Learning Traditional Reiki       

  • Connecting to Your Spirit Guides
  • Intent & Visualisation

  • How to Ground & Protect Yourself

  • Opening Yourself to Energy

  • How to Connect to Reiki 

  • Daily Self Healing Benefits

  • Working with Your Intuition

  • Self Healing Reiki Treatments 

  • Preparation for Reiki Treatments 

  • Reiki Treatment Protocol 

  • How to do a Reiki Treatment 

  • Your Energy During a Treatment

  • The Energetic Body     
  • The Aura         

  • The Chakras

  • Mind & Emotions        

  • Reiki & Physical Symptoms    

  • Being a Clear Channel

  • Grounding 

  • Aura Cleansing            

  • Protection       

  • Psychic Protection       

  • Crystals and Reiki       

  • The 21 Day Reiki Cleanse        

  • Your Journey of Self Discovery           
  • How Reiki Can Help You         

  • Tapping into Your Intuition     

  • Setting Up Your Day    

  • Contra-indications to Reiki

  • Client Advice Sheet 

  • Voluntary work in Corporates

  • The Power of Intention           

  • Charging Objects with Reiki         

  • Reiki Your Plants and Gardens           

  • Reiki Your Food and Drink      

  • Gratitude Attitude      

As this is an accredited Reiki Level 1 Course, in order to receive your certificate for the Reiki Level 1 Course,

completion of a Reiki Level 1 Diploma Assessment and a Case History showing competancy, is required.

Seize this amazing offer and start learning how to bring the gift of Reiki into your life, for yourself and those you care about.

Take your first step now and begin your Reiki Mastery journey with us.

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