Reiki 1 Course


Learn how to quickly & easily channel Reiki energy for yourself and others

Reiki 2 Course


Learn how to use the Reiki symbols and deepen your Reiki practice & work with clients

Reiki Master Course


Learn how to Master Reiki and further your journey by increasing your vibration 

Reiki Mastery Academy - Reiki Diploma Courses

At Reiki Mastery Academy, we provide accredited diploma Reiki Courses that will enable you to become highly trained in working with high vibrational energy. By working with the original teachings of the founder of Reiki, you will learn how to access the transformational energies of the Universe. With audios, that bring through high vibrational healing energy and comprehensive manuals, you will be able to access the healing power of Reiki immediately after your Reiki AttunementYou do not need any other previous training just the willingness to learn and be open to new possibilities in your life. All of our Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Diploma Courses are digital online Reiki Courses. We also provide personalised remote Reiki Attunements for each Reiki Course as well as the original way of attuning, through Reiju Empowerments, at each level of your Reiki Course. You can opt to book these easily on our online booking system.

Start with Reiki 1, which is a complete guide to working with energy and how to channel energy easily and effectively. Written by Hilary herself and honed over 2 years, our Reiki Courses are a comprehensive and authentic guide to Reiki giving you all the background and understanding you need to be fully integrated with Reiki. Our Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Diploma Courses will also give you an understanding about energy and how to tap into it and are based on all the research and knowledge that Hilary has gained over the years. 


As a well respected and powerful Reiki Healer herself as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, Hilary has brought all of her experience of working with clients into the Reiki Courses offering you a firm foundation into Reiki and channeling high vibrational energy. Our Reiki Mastery Academy Courses are also a guide to help with your own self development and will bring you insights and take you on a transformational journey.

Online Reiki Courses
Online Reiki Courses



Your Reiki Mastery Academy Reiki Training

Come and learn Reiki with our accredited Reiki Mastery Academy Diploma Reiki Courses, brought to you after extensive research into the authentic origins of Reiki. By following these original teachings of the founder, Mikao Usui, you will learn how to quickly and easily experience the flowing energy of Reiki. We shall teach you the original energy practices, taught by Usui and using our guided audio meditations and comprehensive manuals, you can tap into a whole world of energy that can help you in your daily life. 

We are committed to training you in mastering Reiki and teaching you how to channel high vibrational energy for yourself and others. Our Reiki Mastery Academy Diploma Reiki Courses have been designed as self study online Reiki Courses so that you can learn Reiki and absorb the comprehensive material at your own pace. Our comprehensive manuals tap into Hilary's 20 years of experience with clients and healing with Reiki and spirit guides.


With tools such as the guided Reiki Self Healing meditations and original energy practices, our accredited online Reiki Level 1 Diploma Course will take you quickly from the beginning of your Reiki Mastery journey, becoming a confident Reiki Healer, enabling you to channel Reiki easily and effectively for yourself and others.

In Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course, you will continue your Reiki Mastery journey and go deeper into your Reiki practice and work with the Reiki symbols. You will also be introduced to newly discovered techniques that Usui used before he introduced the Reiki symbols. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the authentic origins of Reiki before it became more mainstream. This will give you an excellent foundation for bringing in higher vibrational energy that is available at this time, and can be very powerful when you learn how to tap into it.

The Reiki Master & Teacher Diploma Course goes on to work with specific energies, building on what you learnt in Reiki Level 2. You will learn high vibrational meditations to take your energy to a new level. These are all based on the original teachings of Usui and are based on ancient philosophies. You will also learn how to attune others to Reiki and how to give the original Reiju Empowerments. This is a powerful course and one which we know you will enjoy as the final step on your Reiki Mastery journey, helping you to become a highly trained Reiki Master, proficient in working with high vibrational energy and channelling this for yourself and your clients, feeling confident to teach others the gift of Reiki, helping them to master Reiki.



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"Thank you for all that you have me with on my Reiki journey. The energy that I got from the Reiki Courses has been incredible - I love the audios and how it makes it so easy to feel all this wonderful energy. It's been incredibly healing and I'm so happy that I found you and that you are my Reiki teacher."

Laura, Leicestershire


Online Reiki Courses
Easy to Learn 
Reiki Courses


Our Reiki Mastery Courses come with comprehensive manuals of over 150 pages that give you all the information, tips and insights into Reiki, its background and how to channel Reiki for yourself and others.

Online Reiki Courses
Self Healing & 
Self Development


Reiki is a complete healing system including self development and healing techniques. In all of our Reiki Mastery Courses, you will be shown how to develop yourself on your journey to Reiki Mastery. 

Online Reiki Courses
Reiki Courses


As a registered Training Provider, our Reiki Mastery Academy Diploma Reiki Courses are accredited with the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and you will be eligible to obtain membership with The CMA.

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