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"I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for the amazing course content.

I am really enjoying it and I am so glad that I found your website." Rebecca


United Kingdom


accredited reiki courses

Comprehensive & Professional Accredited Reiki Courses UK


  • Step-by-Step, illustrated Reiki Manual 

  • Reiki Healing Treatment Manual*

  • Diploma Reiki Course Certificate

  • Reiki Attunement 

  • Online Tutor Support

  • Reiki Healing Audios

  • Energy Practice Audios 

  • Monthly Distant Reiju Empowerments

  • Weekly Distant Reiki Healing Share

   * Reiki 1 Diploma Course / Reiki Level 2 Diploma Course 

Intro to Reiki Energy (6 mins)

“The Reiki course was so comprehensive, interesting, easy to navigate and beautifully written. This course is worth every penny and is more in-depth than my Reiki 1 I did face to face with another master.” Sally 

"Absolutely fantastic Reiki course." Dawn

"The Reiki courses are amazing and I am so glad I found this company." Becca


"The course was fantastic and very enjoyable. Very good course. Loved it." Leanne


"Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable and beautiful course.” Silvija

“The course was so interesting and engaging,  I did not want it to end, it was capitvating.” Siobhan

"All I can do I say thank you for all your amazing Reiki courses.

They are outstanding and one of the best courses I have ever done.

These Reiki courses will stay with me for ever." Helen

"The whole course was brilliant, I enjoyed learning all the different techniques and how to use them. I loved it all to be honest." Sue

"This course has definitely provided me with the knowledge to be able to practice on other people as part of my holistic business.” Liz

"Thank you for being part of my Reiki journey. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better course provider. Your courses really are outstanding and so enjoyable to learn, thank you." Rebecca 

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"couldn't have asked for a better way to learn Reiki. I love the self healing audios and use them most days. They are helping me to do powerful self healing on myself and move on to a new place in my life which is brilliant. Thank you for taking all this effort to give me such a wonderful course - you have thought of everything, its been amazing." Claire 

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accredited reiki courses
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Accredited Reiki Courses
online accredited reiki courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
best uk reiki course online
Accredited online Reiki Courses
best uk reiki training
Animal Reiki
Accredited Reiki Courses online

There are many reasons why people are attracted learning Reiki. It may be that you are looking for a new path, wanting a change of career or have come to a crossroads in your life. Are you looking to change something in yourself and your life? Would you like to attract new possibilities and opportunities into your life? Would you like to feel more fulfilled with more control of your own life and destiny? Would you like to enter a more positive phase in your life with a sense of calm, stability and peace in your daily life? Would you like to live with a sense of joy, peace and freedom in your life? Would you like to transform your relationships with family, friends or colleagues?

Or maybe you want to change how you are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally:

  • Are you looking to transform you life?

  • Would you like to 'switch off' easily?

  • Like to experience relaxation more?

  • Would you like to learn how to relax?

  • Like to manage stress or anxiety?

  • Feeling like you want more vitality?

  • Want to feel lighter within yourself? 


Reiki can give you immeasurable benefits in your life, from stress management to improved clarity of thought, feeling revitalised and positive to increased strength and courage to get on with new ventures and change your life to how you wish it to look like. 


These are just some of the benefits of Reiki and how learning Reiki can help you in your day to day life.

How many of these could you benefit from ?

  • Increased intuition and psychic ability

  • Awareness of what you need

  • A deep sense of knowing

  • Loving yourself more and feeling inner strength

  • Increased alignment with your soul’s path 

  • Opening up to a new, higher vibrational energy

  • Recharging your batteries

  • Clearing and revitalising 

  • Increased clarity and focus

  • Calming for stress management 

  • Rebalancing for the physical body

  • Bliss state of peace & harmony

  • Increased synchronicity

  • Increased courage and confidence

  • Mental and emotional causes of physical ailments

  • Calming for stress-related health issues

  • Clearing old emotions & thought patterns

  • Letting go of the past & removing blockages

  • Moving on in your life and being positive

  • Stop feeling ‘stuck’ in old patterns

  • Restful sleep throughout the night

  • Sense of self responsibility and self control

  • Protecting your personal boundaries 

  • Helping loved ones and pets


"I’ve always been interested in Reiki and healing so I read the manuals and used the audios that accompany them and absolutely loved it. Reiki has made such a big difference to my life and gives a wonderful sense of well-being and calm in a whirlwind world. Hilary is THE BEST healer and Reiki Master if you’re looking to try Reiki let her teach you, it’s one of the best things you could try".  Kelly

Whether you are looking to learn Reiki for yourself, for relaxation, to de-stress, for your self development, to expand your spiritual awareness, for a career change, or simply to give Reiki healing to your loved ones, learning Reiki is a wonderful investment in your future, especially during these times. 

If you are looking for a Reiki course to be highly trained in Reiki, not just the overview and basics of Reiki, but to learn how to powerfully channel Reiki and become a confident Reiki healer, you have come to the right place. We provide comprehensive Reiki online training so that you can get up and running quickly and easily. 


Our comprehensive, diploma accredited online Reiki Courses will give you all your need to know about how to become a highly accomplished Reiki practitioner with a step-by-step guide on all aspects of working with Reiki. With an abundance of guided Reiki Self Healing audios included, you can experience Reiki from Day 1 and give yourself Reiki Self Healing whenever you wish.

You may wish to simply receive the high vibrational energy of Reiki in your own life, for more relaxation, health and wellbeing. As Reiki is also a self development too and we shall show you how you can retrain your thoughts and release emotional baggage.


Or, you may wish to give the gift of Reiki to someone else that you can see the benefit for - a friend, loved one, colleague or partner.

Give the gift of Reiki to yourself or someone you care about today.

Rei means Universal and ki is life force energy, so Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. Reiki is known for its relaxing and restorative benefits. It can help you to generate more peace, patience, calmness, mental clarity, relaxation as well as helping with stress management. Reiki also helps to release the ties of past trauma, old relationships and helps to deal with grief. Reiki can also be sent, giving compassion, love and light to people and situations that need positive energy.


Our online accredited Reiki courses are also a self development course for the mind, body and soul, helping you to come into alignment with your soul's purpose at this time of the great awakening on planet earth. Using our Reiki courses online will teach you mindfulness and how to become more present, to become the master in your own life. You will be able to heal yourself on many levels and clear your past to bring in your new future. Our Reiki online training will also help to unlock your true potential you and to clear the way for your soul's gifts to come through. This can take you on a transformational journey so that you attract new possibilities and opportunities into all areas of your life.

Our accredited Reiki online training is an incredible adjunct to any current health & wellbeing therapy or wellness regime that may be following. Use Reiki as a cool down after sport or during your yoga sessions. Reiki works with holistic therapies such as mindfulness, life coaching, NLP, positive thinking, affirmations, massage and hypnotherapy, to name but a few. Learn Reiki with our Reiki online training and add it into your daily life. Begin your Reiki journey with Reiki Mastery Academy and see how Reiki can start to transform different areas of your life.

Best Accredited Reiki Courses online UK
Best Accredited Reiki Courses Online UK
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Reiki Courses
Animal Reiki
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
online reiki courses

“Thank you for all that you have helped me on with my Reiki journey. The energy that I have got from your Reiki courses has been incredible.

I love the audios and how it makes it so easy to feel all the wonderful energy. I am so happy that I found your Reiki courses.” Kylie

“I am so impressed by this course material. It is easy to follow and has so much content. I love the history and concise nature of all learning provided. I will certainly let others know about this course in the future. It kept me interested to the point that I just kept going with it with great enthusiasm.” Hilary Ellis

online reiki training

With our accredited online Reiki courses, you will be starting a journey that will help you to transform many areas of your life. You do not need any previous experience, as our Reiki courses will take you from 0 to 100 quickly and easily. Using Reiki Mastery Academy's accredited Reiki courses, you will be able to channel Universal energy and the unlimited supply of Universal love and infinite light, anytime you wish, for free! The unlimited power of Reiki can raise your baseline energy and vital life force, lift your mood and make you feel more positive. By using our unique guided Reiki Self Healing audios, you will learn how to quickly tap into the infinite wisdom and guidance of the Universe from Day 1. This can help you to be clear and focused, finding solutions when challenges arise. Through Reiki Self Healing, you start to will build an abundant supply of love and light within yourself, enabling you to love yourself more, find more peace, feel more positive, forgive yourself and others easily, overcome blocks, feel a bliss state and open your heart to love even more.

With our online Reiki courses, you will learn self development techniques to help you to distinguish any unhealthy emotions and thought patterns that no longer serve you, and learn ways to to release old, redundant patterns. By holding on to old patterns, you may impact your energy field and this can affect your relationships and what you attract into your life. By transforming your energy, through our Reiki online training, you can set up a new, positive, upward cycle and allow the Law of Attraction to work for you, and this can bring new opportunities and possibilities into your life. This can positively impact your relationships, your work, your colleagues and bring your dreams closer to you. Everything is energy and those who are working smart, are tapping into this source of energy and awakening to this new era. With our accredited online Reiki courses, will learn how to clear out the old and bring in new, clear energy, working with abundant energy and the Law of Attraction. As you transform your energy with the power and wisdom of Reiki, the energy around you will change and what you attract into your life will change. 


Why Reiki Mastery Academy ?

Our exceptionally comprehensive, online, accredited, Reiki Courses will give you all your need to know about how to become a highly accomplished Reiki practitioner with a step-by-step guide on all aspects of working with Reiki. Our Reiki Mastery Academy online Reiki courses give you all the advantages of learning a comprehensive, professional, diploma standard Reiki course, with an accredited UK Reiki Training provider, in the comfort of your own home. Our online Reiki courses pass on all the knowledge and expertise you need to become a powerful Reiki healer. Our accredited online Reiki courses include comprehensive learning materials including easy to follow, step-by-step Reiki course manuals plus a narrated presentation which delves into the main points of each module in your manual. You will also receive a Reiki Treatment manual on the Reiki Level 1 Course and a Reiki Client Treatment manual on the Reiki Level 2 Course. Both are filled with tips and practical guidance on all aspects of how to give a Reiki Treatment and how to give yourself cleansing, clearing and empowering Reiki Self Healing. Plus, we include guided a Reiki Self Healing audio which means that you can experience powerful Reiki healing from Day 1. With our accredited online Reiki courses, you can enjoy learning the gift of Reiki to use for yourself and others, quickly and easily.

We will also teach you about the empowering energy practices which will help you to transform your energy and raise your vibration & consciousness. We provide you with an array of guided, energy practice audios that can help to empower your energetic field with high vibrational love, light, higher wisdom and unlimited potential. These are the same energy practices used by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, which until recently were not accessible to the West and are rarely found in modern day Reiki. However, we are delighted to be able to bring you these original Reiki practices which include techniques that will strengthen your connection to the unlimited potential of the Universe and enable you to channel Reiki more powerfully. We will also show you how to connect to your spirit guides, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters so that you can tap into their guidance and healing energy. Once you reach the Reiki Master Course level, you will be ready to connect to the powerful Light beings and tap into their higher wisdom and enlightenment for the planet. Having a close connection with these energies will also help you with clear decision making, enabling you to tap into a higher wisdom to guide you and take you on your soul's path. This will help you to feel more fulfilled, peaceful and joyful in your day-to-day life. It will also help, if you are a therapist, with your Reiki Treatments and other therapies which you practice.

online reiki courses
online reiki courses
online reiki courses
online reiki courses
online reiki courses
online reiki courses
online reiki courses

"Brilliant Reiki courses.

I loved the whole course from Reiki 1 all the way through to my Reiki Master course.

Im looking forward to putting everything I have learned into practise and starting my own Reiki business.

I want to help people benefit from this amazing energy of Reiki." Rebecca 

This is an incredible time in your life and the start of an amazing journey. You have been led to this point, to this course - and not by accident. You have been guided here, by the Universe, as this is a Reiki course of self healing and self discovery. This is the beginning of your Reiki Mastery journey, a transformational journey of self discovery which will take you on the road of enlightenment, helping you to reconnect with your true self and open you up to the wisdom and unlimited potential of the Universe. This may mean opening up to new ideas, letting go of old limiting beliefs and repeated patterns, perhaps passed down from generation to generation. Your past may be currently running the show and affecting your present and all areas of your life - your work, your performance, as well as your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. When you learn to start letting go of the old with the many resources that are contained in our Reiki courses, the new will come in, enabling you to attract new opportunities and possibilities into all areas of your life. So, be open to change and let the power and wisdom of Reiki, through our Reiki courses, come and enlighten your mind, body and spirit. Open to the channelled high vibrational energy of Reiki which flows through our audio healings and meditations and enable a transformative process, at a foundational core level, to occur. In the end, you are ultimately here for this process and you are starting it now, on a fast track, by learning Reiki and using the techniques in our Reiki Courses and our powerful audio meditations.

Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
Accredited Reiki Courses
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“I wanted to know more information about Reiki, as the information was quite limited and basic on the course I studied with another company previously. However, this course has given me the confidence to talk about Reiki on a deeper level, also being able to sit in my own home and study the course at my own leisure without a time limit. I also feel that being attuned at home is much better for me as im alone and able to receive the Reiki better as I’m more open.” Sarah


Reiki, in its infinite wisdom and unconditional love, seeks out the person when they need Reiki the most and then the teacher will intuitively appear. Our indepth Reiki online training is very comprehensive and will give you a complete understanding of Reiki. We will teach you the tools to work with energy safely and effectively, enabling you to become an effective, confident Reiki practitioner channelling high vibrational energy for yourself and others. By the end of your journey with Reiki Mastery Academy, you will be highly experienced in the mastery of Reiki.


If you are looking to Reiki more for your own self development, the transformative energy of Reiki can diffuse into all areas of your life and help you become the best version of yourself. Give yourself, and those you care about, the gift of Reiki, both as a self development tool for mind management as well as a self healing system. 

As a top registered UK Reiki training provider, our Reiki Mastery Academy accredited Reiki Courses have been designed to give you the very best in Reiki training. All of our Reiki courses are accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and produced to the highest diploma standard. Each accredited, online Reiki course includes comprehensive digital download learning materials including at an easy-to-use manual, Reiki healings, guided meditations and energy practice audios, online tutor support, your distant Reiki Attunement and your Reiki certificate. 


We are honoured to accompany you on this special journey that you are about to embark on.

"Wow what can is say, this course was very enjoyable and had so much information and content. The detail of the course was very good and there was so much to learn. I came across this course during a google search and I wanted to do it because it was accredited. All the information you gain is amazing and the way the course is formatted is easy to understand. It’s easy to download the files too and you can save them to any device." Tessa

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