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Founder of the Reiki Mastery Academy, Hilary Kingston, is a well respected and powerful Reiki Healer in her own right, who has been giving Reiki Treatments to her clients for 20 years. She has also given Remote Reiki Healing to members of a royal family abroad for many years and been a Reiki Healer and transformational Healer and Coach in London's Harley Street giving Reiki Healing to many sports and celebrity clients. She is also often asked to comment or feature in national newspapers and magazines.


After a deep insight from the Universe, she began a quest to find out the truth about Reiki and strip it back to its Japanese roots and teach the original, authentic Reiki taught by Usui as well as blending in all the westernised Reiki techniques.

Reiki Mastery is about mastering Reiki and becoming at one with the energy of Reiki, so that it becomes a natural part of who you are. Who you are being is important as it will influence what you manifest in your life in line with the Law of Attraction.

Mastering Reiki is not only about channelling Reiki energy, but also becoming a clear channel for the Reiki energy to flow through you. Our Reiki Mastery Academy diploma standard, accredited online Reiki Courses, in line with the latest information that has come to light about the origins of Reiki, are very much about self development and clearing your energy field so that you can channel higher vibrations of energy and raise your consciousness to a higher level. 

The audios provided with your accredited online Reiki course include channelled Reiki energy so you can tap into the energy of Reiki immediately as well as learn how to channel it for yourself & others.

online reiki courses

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When you are ready to embrace the principles of Reiki, you will be guided to your Reiki Master & Teacher and we are so glad you have been guided to us here to Reiki Mastery Academy. We hope that you will take the step to transform your life, however you wish it to be, the one your soul yearns for and if you hear this calling, we will be delighted to teach you, with all our expertise from the last 20 years working with Reiki.

Start to learn Reiki and experience feelings of joy, light, unconditional love freeing your soul and helping you to move on to your true life purpose.

Reiki Mastery Academy is one of the top UK Reiki Training providers and is a registered UK Reiki training provider with the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). All of our Reiki Mastery Academy diploma online Reiki Courses have been accredited with the CMA.

"I am really enjoying reading the manuals and practising Reiki – I LOVE it, it has really helped me I feel in a much better place now, so many things seem to make sense. Unfortunately an aunt of mine passed away at the weekend so I have used self healing to help me at this difficult time, it really does work and help. Thank you so much for leading me in this direction and for all your help, I'm really grateful".

Catherine, London

online reiki courses